Are you unsure that what you're reading online about your Subaru is true or false?
Contact us by email for advice and guidance on any level Subaru build. There is way too much misinformation out there telling you what you need; we just keep it honest and simple, bust the rumors, and provide you with only the facts.


Want to get all of your upgrades in one place but don't see a certain part on our site?
No matter the brand, we will price match the best price out there and assist with a one-stop shopping experience. 

Have an odd application?
We've supplied Subie engines for the oddest of projects: from VW vans to helicopters, and from sand cars to water cars.


- We do not rebuild engines.  Every motor that leaves our facility is BRAND NEW using our piston and rod designs and specifications.  You have no core fee and no worries.

- Cylinder Heads: It is widely believed that Subaru cylinder heads are not good to re-use or leave stock. In fact, they are basically bullet-proof.  On a turbo application, you can get the same gain as thousands of dollars worth of head work by asking your tuner to simply turn up the boost by 1 pound. Unless your heads are overheated/warped or you ran your blown engine until it seized, there is a very good chance your heads are perfectly fine. 9 times out of 10, we recommend cleaning, resurfacing, and re-installing.


We can ship anything from a bolt to a crated engine anywhere in the world. Contact us for rates.