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Subaru Performance Parts from Crawford Performance

Crawford Performance started off as a small family owned/operated company in Southern California. Today, we have grown into an international brand, but have never strayed from our core values and quality standards.

We design and manufacture expertly engineered, high quality Subaru performance components for the race track, street, and off-road world.  

Since 1995, we have been using the track as our platform to research and develop new performance parts, taking home countless victories in the process. Passing that R&D on to our fellow racers and street enthusiasts, Crawford Performance is your source for reliable, proven performance. 

Here at Crawford, one #1 motto is: Don't fix what's not broken.

We don't believe in long build lists for the sake of quantity and bragging rights. Rather, we have spent 24 years on and off the race track pushing Subaru's to their limits to test which components can take the abuse, and which ones cannot. You will not find one component in our product line that does not offer proven performance or improved reliability. Check out our FAQ by clicking here to discover what components we recommend for a proper build. Subaru's Genuine OEM parts are built to last, and we avoid modifying any component that cuts down on reliability and longevity. 

Crawford Performance, is best know for our factory backed programs with Subaru of America. With their support, we created the world’s fastest Subaru Impreza in 2008, and built the legendary Gymkhana One and Two cars for Ken Block. This set the standard for Subaru Performance, and Crawford Performance continues to lead with reliable and record-breaking results with our Subaru backed Crosstrek Desert Racer.

Crawford Performance is the only aftermarket parts manufacturer to ever be factory-backed by Subaru of America

Crawford Performance has been backed by two factory motorsports programs:

Although racing is rich in the history of our team’s leaders, our focus has shifted to components designed and engineered for any vehicle owner: racer or not; Subaru or not. Testing in the highest of extremes from the race track has allowed us to perfect the designs of components that will reduce oil consumption, increase the life and the health of your engine, and even increase fuel mileage.  

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More About Crawford Performance

When the WRX came out in 2002, Crawford Performance finally had a vehicle with a strong enough platform to build and competitively race on tarmac with. 

Although the WRX was a great place to start, the STI blew it out of the water when it was released in 2004 with it's improved drivetrain and chassis modifications. With this improved platform and Crawford's extensive R&D on the motor and turbo, teams that were powered by Crawford began taking home trophy after trophy and set record after record. The shop's own car was a silver 2004 STI that was later swapped with a Prodrive 2006 STI Widebody Kit. This car was driven to the track, won, then driven home. A few times as a joke they did it all with a baby's car seat strapped in the back. 

Crawford Performance Rally Car

This gained the attention of one of Subaru's Rally drivers: Ken Block. He was looking for the right experts to turn one of his rally cars in to a 'Gymkhana' car. A good way to describe Gymkhana is a series of events/obstacles to test the diversity of a vehicle. In this case, tarmac diversity. A car that could go fast in a straight line, around a corner, and even accelerate while in a drift. He needed ultimate control, paired with power at every point of the curve. Together, Ken Block and Crawford gave you Gymkhana Practice (1), and Gymkhana Two: The Infomercial.. two viral videos that changed the world's perception of Subaru in the performance world.

Crawford Performance - Gymkhana 1 Video
Crawford Performance - Gymkhana 2 Video

Following these projects, Subaru of America reached out to Crawford Performance in 2007 to build them the fastest new-age STI in the world.. and that we did. We call her "Tony the Tiger", our orange time-attack champion, originally driven by none other than Eiji (Tarzan) Yamada. In it's glory, she put out 850 HP/TQ, and still remains locally at our Authorized Install Facility: Racing Performance Motorsport in Huntington Beach, California for all to see. They've even dusted her off, fixed her up, and are currently competing in Time-Attack events all around the country. 

Crawford Performance Tony The Tiger

Here we are nearly a decade later, when Subaru surprised all of us with a brand new engine: the FA20. The second Crawford got a hold of the first BRZ in 2012, the engine came out and apart so we could tackle our next challenge. Upon first inspection, this motor was entirely different than the EJ. Since it came stock with an NA setup (non-turbo), compression was pretty high. Since our expertise and background is with forced induction (turbo) setups, the first goal was to figure out to make this motor strong enough for the kind of power that we planned on making with a custom turbo kit. Crawford was the first to complete and successfully run a turbo on the BRZ/FRS/GT86, as well as the first company to offer a built FA Turbo block. Subaru continues to impress us yet again with its new powerhouse, and 5 years later, it continues to prove it's worth. 

Crawford Performance BRZ

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A few years later in 2017, Grabowski Brothers Racing came to us to build a Subaru NA Motor for their Off-Road Class 5 Unlimited Buggy. The limitations for their class were that it had to be no larger than 2.5l and had to be naturally aspirated. Without hesitation we knew the perfect block for them would be a FB25. After some power modifications to the motor and tune, the car was winning races right of the bat. This unique vehicle got attention of Subaru of America and was named the "Crosstrek Desert Racer". In 2019 Subaru Motorsports USA asked to wrap the Crosstrek in the same livery as the rest of their factory vehicles. Check out more information on this rad build below:

The Subaru Motorsports USA Crosstrek Desert Racer! Link: https://crawfordperformance.com/pages/subaru-of-america-crosstrek-desert-racer

Subaru Motorsports USA Crosstrek Desert Racer

In 2020 we came to the conclusion we wanted to bring the Crosstrek Desert Racer to the masses by building an off-road capable Subaru Crosstrek for the people and we did just that. Our off-road Crosstrek build has everything from a 2" lift kit, front bumper, rear bumper, skid plates, rock sliders, wheels, light kits, and more. The vehicle was wrapped with the same Subaru Motorsports USA livery as the Crosstrek Desert Racer. Check out the full build here: 

Crawford Performance Built Off-Road Crosstrek! Link: https://crawfordperformance.com/pages/cpi-built-off-road-crosstrek

Ultimate Off-Road Subaru Crosstrek