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Subaru Motorsports USA - Crosstrek Desert Racer - Built & Owned by Grabowski Brothers Racing

With long-travel KING Shocks, steel skid plates, durable 35" BFGoodrich Tires up front, 37" tires in the rear, and a Subaru Boxer Engine, the Crosstrek Desert Racer is built to take any punishment the off-road desert terrain can dish out. 

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Off-road desert racing is a grueling sport. The Class 5 Unlimited buggies take an extensive amount of punishment for up to 1,000+ miles, with pit stops being scarcer than water. The Crosstrek Desert Racer is powered by a Crawford Performance built & tuned Subaru 2.5L Boxer engine. "When you’re crossing an environment where the plants have needles and everything that moves is poisonous, the engine has to be as tough as the conditions themselves." - Subaru Drive Performance Magazine

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The Crosstrek checks all the boxes for a desert off-road build, with its tall cabin and ground clearance. “We chose the Crosstrek because it’s the off-road style vehicle in the Subaru lineup, and it’s not turbocharged.”

Driven by Dustin Grabowski and Co-Driven by Cody Woodruff of Grabowski Brothers Racing. The team has secured several wins with there biggest highlight being a 1st in Class Win at Vegas to Reno, the longest off-road race in the United States, and a Class victory at the 2019 Baja 500.

Subaru Motorsports USA Crosstrek Desert Racer - Vegas To Reno Win

Crosstrek Desert Racer Accomplishments:                  

2019 - 2nd in Class at Vegas to Reno

2019 - 1st in Class at Baja 500

2018 - 1st in Class at Vegas to Reno 

2018 - 2nd in Class at Baja 500 

2017 - 1st in Class at PCI 300 

2017 - 1st in Class at McKenzie 250 

2016 - 1st in Class at LED 250 


Subaru Motorsports USA Crosstrek Desert Racer Jumping

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