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Returns / Exchanges / Standard Warranty

Our Returns and Exchanges Policy

If you have any questions, contact us at

If you have any technical questions, contact us at

Returns / Exchanges:


All orders have a maximum thirty (30) day return policy, no exceptions. 
Deeply discounted parts are non-refundable and non-returnable. 
If you're not sure, please ask. 

Shipping charges are not refundable, once the item has shipped the customer will be responsible for any cost incurred.

Do not install the product if you are not sure it's the correct part.
Installed parts are not returnable. 
Reach out to our team. We love to help!

Any item with a warranty will be replaced, not refunded. 
If you have been shipped an incorrect item, we will replace it at no charge to you.

Asking for a RMA (return authorization number) does not automatically guarantee a return as defined in the above section.

If approved, you will receive an RMA. You will be responsible for shipping and the cost of shipping the item back to Crawford Performance. It must include the RMA number that we provided you in the package. 

Upon receipt of your item, Crawford will inspect it for any damages, missing items, and to make sure the product does not have any usage beyond new sellable condition (i.e. signs of installation, no missing parts, cracked paint from installation, scratches, etc.)  After the inspection Crawford will refund your order at at their discretion, offer a warranty replacement/exchange at their discretion, or issue a store credit at their discretion.

If you have any questions, contact us at

If you have any technical questions, contact us at

Products that are received by Crawford Performance in any of the following conditions are not eligible for return, and will not be refunded:

– Any product not purchased from Crawford Performance
– Any product that does not exhibit the described reason for the return
(i.e., customer cites wrong product sent but upon inspection, product was installed, damaged, modified, or has a warranty).
– Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories. 
– Any product that has been installed. We offer technical support for this reason.
– Any product that exhibits physical damage or improper installation.
– Any product which appears tampered, customized or altered in any way.

Standard Warranty:

Air Oil Separator's - V2's, V3, Baja's - Limited Lifetime Warranty -
Free Replacement on a *Manufacturer Defect*.
Only applies to the Air Oil Separator canister itself and not components such as hoses, hardware, etc. 

BPB's - Limited Lifetime Warranty - 
Free Replacement for a *Manufacturer Defect*, no refunds.
No refunds for installed parts. A manufacturer defect only applies to the Billet Power Block itself and not wear-item components such as hoses, gaskets, etc. 

Crawford Built Short Block's - Please read carefully
No Warranty. No Refunds. Not returnable. No exceptions.
Our standard 30 return policy does not apply to any Crawford Built short block.
Crawford Built short blocks are designed for racing and off-road purposes only. 
You accept all risk and liability upon purchase of a Crawford Built short block. 
By purchasing a Crawford Built short block, you agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

CrawfordSPEC Wheels by ICON Alloys -
Icon Alloys offers a limited lifetime warranty which can be found here:

Exhausts - 1 Year Limited Warranty - Free Replacement on a *Manufacture Defect*. Only applies to the exhaust itself and not components such as gaskets, bolts, etc. 

KCHiLiTes Products - 23 Year Limited Warranty which can be found here:

OEM Short Blocks - Refer to Subaru of America's Warranty.
Due to fraud this item is non-returnable. 

Overland Products (excluding KC HiLiTes products) - 2 Year Limited Warranty - Free Replacement on a *Manufacture Defect* . Only applies to the physical product itself. Does not apply to powder coating or other components such as wiring, hardware, bushings, etc. 

Short Block Install Kit's - No Warranty. No Refunds. Not returnable. No exceptions.

*Manufacturer Defect* - Is at the sole discretion of the manufacturer, Crawford Performance. 

When you buy from Crawford Performance you are accepting and agreeing to our returns policy, exchanges policy, and any warranty offered by the third-party manufacturer, such as OEM short block etc. as well as our standard warranty.