Short Block: CP S2 - Strength up to 400whp/500bhp

$ 3,299.95$ 3,599.95
  • Short Block: CP S2 - Strength up to 400whp/500bhp

Short Block: CP S2 - Strength up to 400whp/500bhp

$ 3,299.95$ 3,599.95
$ 3,299.95$ 3,599.95
  • Brand New / No Core Fee

  • Built for Reliability instead of being Overbuilt on Myths

  • CrawfordSPEC JE Forged Pistons approved by the SCCA

  • Fully Blueprinted and Assembled within OEM Specs

All components engineered & manufactured by Crawford Performance have been tested for ultimate performance and maximum dependability on and off the race track. Our rigorous testing and numerous accolades assure our clientele that we at Crawford Performance demand the best of ourselves and the products we create. Our clients deserve nothing less.

Just because it’s the most affordable Crawford short block in the "S" series doesn’t mean that this baby can’t pack a punch. The S2 is engineered around a new EJ257 semi closed deck block that incorporates a counter-weighted and balanced 79mm forged STi crankshaft, forged STi rods and Crawford Performance designed JE 99.5mm offset forged pistons. Incorporated into the block are high performance STi main and rod bearings and STi piston rings. These Genuine STi components allow for maximum safety and reliability.. because why fix what's not broken? No cheap knock off parts here. To keep with our high quality standards, we use Crawford offset wrist pins to decrease the piston noise associated with forged pistons.

There are too many factors in a performance build to put an exact number to this motors horsepower and torque potential, so we give each of our motors a "Rated Output" number. We have seen the S2 withstand up to 400whp/500bhp. But no worries, if this isn't enough to satisfy that itch for more power, than check out our other Short Blocks built to last with numbers as high as 800bhp. 

*The final compression ratio of this motor is 8.3 to 1. Final compression is based off a USDM STi MY2004-2007 with genuine STi parts.


  • New 2.5-Liter Semi-Closed Deck Turbo Block
  • New Subaru STi Forged Crank
  • New Subaru STi Forged Rods
  • New STi High Performance High Mileage Piston Rings
  • Crawford Designed Lightweight Forged Pistons
  • Crawford Designed Case Hardened and Heat Treated Wrist Pins

We recommend that certain parts be replaced new when installing a new Short Block in to your vehicle. We have assembled a kit that includes each piece, down to break-in oil. 
Click here to check out our Short Block Installation Kit.