Short Block: CP S3L-X DIT 15+ WRX / 14+ FXT

$ 4,599.95$ 4,999.95
  • Short Block: CP S3L-X DIT 15+ WRX / 14+ FXT

Short Block: CP S3L-X DIT 15+ WRX / 14+ FXT

$ 4,599.95$ 4,999.95

All components engineered & manufactured by Crawford Performance have been tested for ultimate performance and maximum dependability on and off the race track. Our rigorous testing and numerous accolades assure our clientele that we at Crawford Performance demand the best of ourselves and the products we create. Our clients deserve nothing less.

The most versatile and most popular Crawford Short Block in the “S” series just happens to be the S3L-X. Incorporated into the block are high performance WRX main and rod bearings and WRX piston rings. These Genuine BRZ components allow for maximum safety and reliability, because why fix what's not broken? No cheap knock off parts here. To keep with our high quality standards, we use Crawford offset wristpins to decrease the piston noise associated with forged pistons. It is helpful to note, the Crawford Billet X-beam rods serve two purposes; 1) to increase the rod ratio which allows for smoother and efficient power delivery and 2) the X-beam rods used in this motor are hefty strong rods designed to withstand the power produced with race fuel & high boost levels.

Included Items

- New 2.0-Liter Open Deck OEM DIT Short Block
- New Subaru DIT WRX Forged Crank
- New DIT High Performance High Mileage OEM Piston Rings
- CP-Designed Forged and Strengthened Long Rods
- CP-Designed Forged Pistons
- CP-Designed Case Hardened and Heat Treated Wrist Pins
- Professionally Balanced and Assembled

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We recommend that certain parts be replaced new when installing a new Short Block in to your vehicle. We have assembled a kit that includes each piece, down to break-in oil. 
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