CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86
CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86
CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86
CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86
CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86
CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86
CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86
CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86
CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86
CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86
CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86

CP Plus 300 Turbo Kit: 2013 - Present BRZ/FRS/GT86

$ 8,299.95

Crawford Performance was the first company to successfully engineer, test, and perfect a turbo set up for the BRZ/FRS/GT86. These cars come naturally aspirated from factory, and in no way shape or form are they built for power. That's where we come in. We have packages available from bolt-on to hold-on.

The Plus 300 Turbo kit does just that.. it adds 300 Horsepower to the stock numbers, leaving you with 500 HP and 550 TQ. These numbers are the kit's full potential running on E85, so depending on your intended use and supporting mods, your numbers may vary. 

Plus 300 Turbo Kit Includes

  • Custom Blouch-Built VF36 Twin Scroll Turbo with a thermal coated turbine housing, available only from Crawford
  • Necessary Plumping and Intake, with associated hoses, nuts, bolts, shields, and gaskets
  • Thermal coated 3” stainless steel Crawford Performance Down Pipe
  • Crawford Performance Equal Length Stainless Steel Headers with Inconnel Heat Shield Wrap (rated up to 3000 degrees fahrenheit constant)
  • New Oil pan with added drain 
  • MAP Sensor
  • One of the Largest Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) on the market
  • Boost Controller
  • Free Crawford Base Map

Suggested Supporting Mods

Horsepower is a direct result of an explosion in your internal combustion motor. There are 3 ingredients that are necessary to create an explosion: oxygen, fuel, and spark.. so the bigger the explosion, the more horsepower! Our turbo kit takes care of the oxygen (air). But, without adding more of all 3 ingredients, it won't work that well on its own. Also, in order for that explosion not to break weaker parts not built to handle the power, strength must be added to certain parts to survive all that heat. Below are our tested and suggested supporting mods for this turbo kit. 


The OEM motors are not built for power, simply because the compression is too high. If you would like the Plus 300 Turbo Kit to perform at it's full potential, the heart of your BRZ/FRS needs replaced with a lower compression short block.
Click here to check out the Crawford Performance S3L-X FA Short Block


Although Crawford Performance no longer does custom tuning, we supply maps for our packages. In order to load those maps on to the car, you will need the license that supplies permission to change the stock map in your engine control unit (ECU). Unless you have a tuner that can do this for you, you will also need the hardware that gives you the tools to do so from your own garage. 
Click here to check out what EcuTek has to offer with their ProECU Programming Kit


Drivetrain mods are a borderline "necessary" upgrade with this kit. If you are an aggressive driver, these are a MUST. If you skip this mod and eventually break these parts, at least they are easily replaceable.

CLUTCH - It is standard in this industry that when upgrading your vehicle with more power, that the clutch is one of the first things to replace. The BRZ/FRS/GT86 does not come with a bullet-proof transmission like we have seen with other Subaru models, so this is a touchy upgrade. We have tested quite a few different setups in our white shop BRZ, and after much trial and error, we decided to have Exedy work directly with us to come up with a clutch and flywheel combination that is built to last. 
Click here for our Stage 2 Clutch Recommendation for a Daily-Driver on Pump Gas 
Click here for our Crawford SPEC Stage 2+ Clutch for applications running race gas/upgrades

AXLES - Throughout our years of racing, we have had sponsors come and go. The ones that stick are that ones that have product that hold up to our abuse. We don't support this kind of aggressive driving off the track, but we all know there are those that push their cars to the limit on any road. To ensure that your axles will survive this power mod, we suggest and have had great results from The Driveshaft Shop's upgraded axles.
Click here to check out their Level 2 Axles for the BRZ/FRS/GT86


E85 has become a chosen fuel upgrade for many cars on the road, from factory models to purpose-built race cars. It is available at the pump, priced very close to pump gas, high in octane, eco-friendly, and makes your car run cooler allowing higher horsepower numbers. It's not at every pump though, but the industry has adapted to this fact and has come up with a solution: Flex-Fuel. Henry Ford tried to implement this technology in the early 1900's, but it wasn't until "global warming" and "green" advocates became mainstream that it was utilized. It allows you to run E85 either pure or mixed with pump gas. We have honed in on all the pieces needed to run this type of technology on your car!
Click here to check out the Crawford Performance Fuel System Package for the BRZ/FRS/GT86 


The Down Pipe that comes in our Turbo Kit is designed to meet up with any 3" aftermarket exhaust system. If you are looking for a catless full 3" exhaust system, we have designed one to mimic our infamous Gymkhana Exhaust on Ken Block's Subarus. This is a 3 part system, including a front mid-pipe, rear mid-pipe, Magnaflow muffler, and a dual Gymkhana cone tipped tail-pipe. 
Click here to check out the Crawford Performance Cat-Back Gymkhana Exhaust system for the BRZ/FRS/GT86

Oil Efficiency

As we recommend for any horizontally opposed and/or turbo motor, the Crawford Performance Air/Oil Separator is your solution for that notorious Subaru oil consumption problem, as well as unwanted detonation.
Click here to check out the Crawford Performance AOS with our new V3 technology for the BRZ/FRS/GT86


With more power, comes more heat. The stock set-up is sufficient for daily driving and occasional spurts. But if you are living in a climate with average triple-digit temperatures, or plan on tracking your car on a regular basis, you will need to upgrade the cooling systems on your car. Since the track is our chosen playground, we have tested different set-ups until we narrowed down the necessary modifications and put them together in a kit for you.
Click here for the Crawford Performance Track Package for the BRZ/FRS/GT-86 

Applying the Power to the Ground

  • Bigger Brakes
  • Lighter Wheels
  • Grippy Tires
  • Suspension

Click Here for Custom Color Options

    If you are interested in a custom build, please contact us and one of our reps will write up an estimate to suit the build of your dreams. 

    See the kit in action here: