CP S3L-X Turbo FA Short Block: 2013 - 2017 BRZ/FRS/GT86

$ 4,599.95$ 4,999.95
  • CP S3L-X Turbo FA Short Block: 2013 - 2017 BRZ/FRS/GT86
  • CP S3L-X Turbo FA Short Block: 2013 - 2017 BRZ/FRS/GT86
  • CP S3L-X Turbo FA Short Block: 2013 - 2017 BRZ/FRS/GT86

CP S3L-X Turbo FA Short Block: 2013 - 2017 BRZ/FRS/GT86

$ 4,599.95$ 4,999.95
$ 4,599.95$ 4,999.95

Crawford Performance’s S3L-X Short Block for the BRZ/FRS/GT-86 was the first built Turbo FA motor in the world!

There is most likely one of two reasons why you are looking at this motor:

  1. Your engine failed
  2. You want to avoid engine failure

It is unfortunately a common theme with this super-tuner car to hear about engine troubles after boosting. Here's why:

  • The stock engine comes with high compression. Compression = Power. Being that it comes stock naturally aspirated (non-turbo), it needs the compression to make any power at all.
  • When you boost the stock motor, it sky-rockets that compression so high that it starts breaking components that aren't built to support it. Like your engine, clutch, axels, etc (basically all rotating assemblies). 

First thing to happen is this:

A rod snaps. And then the broken pieces take out your whole engine and oiling system, leaving you with this:


After R&Ding our turbo kits on the stock motor and finding out it's weak points, we developed a built block that is strong enough to withstand upwards of 500 hp/tq on pump gas, and 600 hp/tq on high octane fuel. With our custom designed forged and billet internals, we have brought the compression ratio down to a safe and reliable level at 10.5:1 (for pump gas). This opens up the motor’s potential for power, and makes our custom designed turbo kit run at it’s full potential as well. We initially made 500bhp/550tq with this built engine in our shop BRZ, and we are continually impressed with the strength, durability, and reliability of Subaru’s new platform combined with our internals. We can confidently say this after rigorous R&D over 3 years, multiple races, video shoots, weeks of dyno time, and hundreds of thousands of miles between our white Plus 300 BRZ and our blue Plus 100 BRZ. After upgrading the fuel system on the white Plus 300 BRZ, we are now seeing numbers of 600hp/650tq! The R&D will only continue to see what this motor can really do!

All components engineered & manufactured by Crawford Performance have been tested for ultimate performance and maximum dependability on and off the race track. Our rigorous testing and numerous accolades assure our clientele that we at Crawford Performance demand the best of ourselves and the products we create. Our clients deserve nothing less.

The most versatile and most popular Crawford Short Block in the “S” series just happens to be the S3L-X. Incorporated into the block are high performance BRZ main and rod bearings and BRZ piston rings. These Genuine BRZ components allow for maximum safety and reliability, because why fix what's not broken? No cheap knock off parts here. To keep with our high quality standards, we use Crawford offset wristpins to decrease the piston noise associated with forged pistons. It is helpful to note, the Crawford Billet X-beam rods serve two purposes; 1) to increase the rod ratio which allows for smoother and efficient power delivery and 2) the X-beam rods used in this motor are hefty strong rods designed to withstand the power produced with race fuel & high boost levels.

Included Items

  • New 2.0-Liter Open Deck OEM Short Block
  • New OEM Forged Crank
  • New OEM High Mileage Piston Rings
  • CP Designed Forged and Strengthened X-Beam Long Rods
  • CP Designed Forged Pistons
  • CP Designed Case Hardened and Heat Treated Wrist Pins
  • Professionally Balanced and Assembled

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We recommend that certain parts be replaced new when installing a new Short Block in to your vehicle. We have assembled a kit that includes each piece, down to premium break-in oil. 
Click here to check out our Short Block Installation Kit.