Crawford's history is rich with success on the tuning side of things. We are responsible for the custom tuning of our 850hp orange 2008 STI Time-Attack Champion "Tony", acclaimed as the fastest STI in the world in it's day. Not to mention Ken Block's Gymkhana 1 & 2 STI's. Not only did Tony win races, it ran multiple consecutive races on the same engine. The longevity of an engine 95% of the time is due to the tune.. you can have rods forged from titanium and they will break if your tune is less than perfect. For that reason especially, we strongly suggest to only use base/stage maps as a temporary/break-in map for performance modifications. Think about it.. off the shelf maps (like a Stage 1 map that comes on an plug-and-play device) are created for world-wide use. They do not take in to account things like climate, altitude, octane variations, etc. We have replaced many blown engines that were running a Stage 1 map long-term. The widely misconstrued rumor is that EJ's blow up because they are prone to ring-land and rod-bearing failure. It is not the components themselves that cause the engine failure, rather it is detonation. Detonation is caused by a less than perfect mixture of fuel, spark, and oxygen, which all can be tweaked by a tuner. So to keep your engine alive, use base/stage maps with caution, and book yourself a custom tune with a reputable and experienced tuner ASAP.

That being said, we no longer have a custom tuning service here at Crawford.
From the days that we did, we have many stage maps available, as well as base maps for our turbo kits. Contact us for more information. 
If you'd like a reference for one of the best tuners in the industry, check out Church Automotive Tuning