Subaru OEM FA20 DIT Short Block Engine

$ 2,330.84
  • Subaru OEM FA20 DIT Short Block Engine 10103AC480

Subaru OEM FA20 DIT Short Block Engine

$ 2,330.84

*Please note OEM Motors have a 3-5 business day lead time before shipping. 

Subaru Manufacture Part #: 10103AC480

Bone Stock Brand New Genuine OEM fully assembled Short Block. You can safely make up to 400whp/480bhp on an OEM FA20 DIT short block with proper maintenance and a solid tune. 

This part is an ingredient to our recipe for a reliable Subaru Engine. If you purchase an OEM Block along with our CrawfordSPEC pistons or piston/long rod combo, you can assemble your own Crawford built short block that can handle up to 600whp! 
Want a pre-built block ready to go? Check out our options by clicking here.

After reading that, you may have had one of many questions or doubts pop in your mind because of all of the opinions floating around on the web along with misleading marketing. Like:
- Subaru engines are prone to fail from the factory
- You need a closed deck block to make high power
- My bearings failed, so I need aftermarket ones. Or: My head gaskets failed so I need aftermarket ones. 
The fact is, all of the above statements are not true. Click here to read our blog all about what our 23 years of testing Subaru's has proven.

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