Eco-Block: Q6
Eco-Block: Q6
Eco-Block: Q6
Eco-Block: Q6

Eco-Block: Q6

$ 54.95

Increase Fuel Mileage
Decrease Emissions
Improve Performance

Increase fuel economy and power as much as +8% in minutes with the patented Eco-Block from Crawford Performance.
- Installation is simple and requires only a screwdriver
- Increase fuel mileage, decrease exhaust emissions, and provide an improvement in power delivery
- Satisfaction is guaranteed: If you aren't satisfied, simply return the Eco-Block for your money back.*

Familiar with a cold air intake? Those increase the volume of the intake, subsequently pulling the sensor out of the air stream. The Eco-Block also moves the sensor, but with a spacer instead. The benefits you receive with the Eco-Block vs. a cold air intake:
- A fraction of the price: $50 vs. hundreds.
- Maintains smaller intake volume, maintaining air velocity. The larger volume from an aftermarket cold air intake slows the air down, creating lag.
- Keeps the stock air box / intake in place, which keeps your car smog legal and warranty safe.
- Does not require a tune to maximize it's performance. 

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*For returns, please send an email to within 90 days of purchase for a money back guarantee. Basic terms and conditions apply including proof of purchase.