Crawford Performance

Crawford Built Short Block: STI (EJ257) 2004-2014

$ 4,499.99
  • Crawford Built Short Block: STI (EJ257)
  • Crawford Built Short Block: STI (EJ257)
  • Pistons for Crawford Built Short Block: STI (EJ257)
  • Top of Pistons for Crawford Built Short Block: STI (EJ257)
  • Bottom of Pistons for Crawford Built Short Block: STI (EJ257)
  • Rods for Crawford Built Short Block: STI (EJ257)

Crawford Performance

Crawford Built Short Block: STI (EJ257) 2004-2014

$ 4,499.99
$ 4,499.99

*Please call us to confirm Built Short Block Inventory.

Crawford Performance Built Short Blocks:

  • Brand New / No Core Fee

  • Built for Reliability instead of being Overbuilt on Myths

  • Fully Blueprinted and Assembled within OEM Specs

All components engineered and manufactured by Crawford Performance have been tested for ultimate performance and maximum dependability on and off the race track. For over 2 decades we have tested all combinations of upgrades for the turbo-charged EJ20, EJ25, and more recently the new FA20 Subaru engines. We have pushed these engines to their breaking points to determine which components fail at what level. From that research we have come up with forged internals to keep your engine strong enough to withstand your desired power level. 

Choose your power rating above to determine which internals are right for your build. These power numbers are a “rated output”, meaning that these are the maximum power numbers that we have seen these internals withstand with proper maintenance and a solid tune.

S2: Rated up to 450whp (540bhp)

  • CrawfordSPEC S2 JE Forged Pistons
  • Pistons approved by the SCCA and stamped accordingly

S3L-X (formerly S3L-i): Rated up to 550whp (660bhp)

  • CrawfordSPEC S3L JE Forged Pistons
  • CrawfordSPEC X-Beam Pauter Billet Rods
  • Upgraded Bearing

S3L-X FSR: Rated to 600+whp (720+bhp)

  • FSR: Billet Piston Forging Upgrade - Stands for “Forged Side Relief” 
  • CrawfordSPEC Rods
  • Upgraded Bearings

About CrawfordSPEC Pistons

Every CrawfordSPEC piston features a unique dish design, engineered by and exclusive to Crawford Performance. We have worked side-by-side with JE Pistons to create a design with the following results:

  • More manifold vacuum at idle, which makes for a tighter, healthier, more efficient engine 
  • Lower crankcase pressure
  • More power at same boost level with same supporting mods

All CrawfordSPEC pistons are sized for the OEM bore of 99.5. Click on the blog link at the bottom of the page to read up on why it isn't a great idea to rebuild or bore out your EJ and use oversized pistons. 

About FSR Piston Upgrade

Piston forging developed by Crawford Performance. Although the forging style is available to the public, our skirt length and dish design is exclusive to Crawford Performance. This forging upgrade features:

  • 100% CNC machined from high quality 2618-T6 wrought aluminum bar stock
  • Specifically designed for high horsepower road and drag race engines
  • Internal and external bracing (bridge-like design) provides a more rigid construction while minimizing overall weight
  • Billet means pistons are machined on every surface allowing for all unnecessary weight to be removed during manufacturing, reducing excess friction/heat from high horsepower applications
  • Weight reduction of up to 32 grams
  • Includes high quality 9310 steel wrist pins
  • Reduced skirt width and shorter wrist pin when compared to traditional “full round” style forgings. The narrow skirt helps minimize piston contact with the cylinder wall that can cause friction and power loss while the shortened wrist pins reduces the overall weight.

About CrawfordSPEC Rods

Every CrawfordSPEC rod is designed at a specific length, engineered by and exclusive to Crawford Performance. We have worked side-by-side with Pauter Rods to create a design with the following results:

  • Longer than stock length not only increases strength but also increases the rod ratio which allows for smoother and more efficient power delivery
  • Billet vs. Forged, made with the strongest steel available in the industry: 4340 chrome-moly 

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We recommend that certain parts be replaced new when installing a new Short Block in to your vehicle. We have assembled a kit that includes each piece, down to break-in oil.
Click here to check out our Short Block Installation Kits


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