2015 - 2017 WRX (DIT)

You have yourself a WRX or an FXT equipped with the the first turbocharged 2.0 liter Subaru engine since 2005. See below for the goodies we have just for you. For this newer generation, we are still in the R&D stages for new Crawford Components. We take our time with this stage to ensure we supply you with only the highest standards. If you don't see what you're looking for, hit us up for custom jobs: sales@crawfordperformance.com

Engine Info

Short Block options for multiple Subaru Applications. All parts and core are brand new for utmost reliability. We do not Rebuild used short blocks, but we do offer internal kits for you or your shop to do so. Interested in a long block? Contact us for more information. 

'S' Series Short Blocks have 3 levels of strength:

  • S2 (Rated* up to 400whp)
  • S3L-H (Rated* up to 450whp)
  • S3L-X (Rated* up to 600 whp)
    - Time Attack FSR Forging Option for Pistons for high octane applications making more than 600whp

Applications for both EJ25 and EJ20 engines available.